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Imagine if Zionists decided on Argentina instead of Palestine (Fun fact: Argentina was actually considered by Zionists, along with Uganda.) and then expelled thousands of indigenous Argentinians when establishing the Jewish state, and then said “What the hell are you complaining about? There’s tons of other Spanish countries you can move to. Let Jews have this one country for ourselves so we can be safe.” And that’s how stupid Zionists sound when they say that Palestinians can/should just go to “any of the many Arab countries”, because Arab countries aren’t interchangeable any more than Spanish speaking Latin American countries are. Iraqis aren’t interchangeable with Jordanians just like Peruvians aren’t interchangeable with Chileans.

Australian NGOs for palestine

Stop Israeli Apartheid - Australia
1.Stop Israeli Apartheid - Australia About SiA Australia will register our party shortly to run at elections and to put serious pressure on our government to cut its ties with apartheid Israel. STORY ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Apartheid ended with South Africa in 1994 – over 20 years ago – right? Wrong. Apartheid is being practised today in a modern wealthy nation: Israel. Israel denies Palestinians basic...

Palestinian activist’s Australian visa cancelled on eve of speaking tour

Government says there is a risk people may react adversely to Bassem Tamimi’s presence, and his views on the Middle East The federal government has cancelled the visa of an outspoken Palestinian activist on the eve of his Australian speaking tour because others are likely to “react adversely” to his presence. The activist, Bassem Tamimi, was due to board a plane...

American NGOs for Palestine

1.Institute for Middle East Understanding The IMEU assists journalists who are working on stories about Palestine or the Palestinians by: -Providing access to the latest news stories, expert analysis, photographs and other visuals -Maintaining an updated panel of credible experts and analysts who can comment publicly on the news, life and culture of Palestinians and Palestinian Americans. -Putting journalists in contact with Palestinian...

Why do I boycott Israel?!


Humanitarian situation in Gaza Strip! Why do I boycott Israel?


British NGOs for Palestine

Palestine Solidarity Campaign UK                                                                                                                                                                 ...

Will Trump embolden Israeli exceptionalism?


Parliamentary petition urges Israel lobby inquiry

A new, Parliament-hosted petition is urging an official inquiry into the activities of the Israeli embassy and its lobbying efforts in Westminster. The petition, titled ‘Inquiry into Israel influencing British political democracy’, has attracted more than 1,000 signatures in its first 24 hours online. The petition follows “the revelation made by Al-Jazeera that a senior political officer at the UK’s Israeli...

Explained: Netanyahu’s media corruption scandal

0:00 / 2:40 https://youtu.be/mbfK6cgTjik Things probably could not get any worse for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Bruised from the defeat at the UN Security Council and battered by US Secretary of State John Kerry last week in an unprecedented speech from any senior US official, Netanyahu was thought to be holding out for the comforting embrace of President-elect Donald Trump...

UN warns Israel against destroying prospects for peace

A senior UN official has warned Israel against destroying further prospects for peace in the Middle East, in comments made yesterday. Addressing the United Nations Security Council, Nickolay Mladenov, the UN envoy for the Middle East, said that “calls have been made for the annexation of parts of or the whole of Area C ; such divisive positions risk destroying...