Strike's committee denies fabricated news about Barghouthi.

The national committee of the Freedom and Dignity hunger strike denied on Sunday evening the authenticity of the videos published by the Israel Prison Service (IPS) claiming that Marwan al-Barghouthi, the jailed Fatah leader and one of the prominent leaders of the strike in Israeli jails, had suspended his strike.

The committee said in a statement that the fabricated video is a deceptive attempt by the IPS aimed at discouraging the hunger strikers, noting that the same method was used by the IPS in 2004.
Strike's committee denies fabricated news about Barghouthi.1The committee affirmed that the Israeli media outlets are waging a dangerous war of lies and rumors that aims to create confusion among the Palestinian people and the striking prisoners.

It called on the Palestinian media to display national awareness that is based on high confidence in the prisoners and the strike’s leaders.
Strike's committee denies fabricated news about BarghouthiIt pointed out that an analysis of the fabricated photos and videos will be published soon to unveil the Israeli lies.