Israeli policemen killed a Palestinian child in O. Jerusalem

Israeli policemen killed a Palestinian young woman on Sunday evening near Bab al-Amud in Occupied Jerusalem over an alleged stabbing attempt.

The Israeli police claimed in a statement that the preliminary investigations showed that the policemen at the scene shot the young woman to prevent her from carrying out a stabbing attack against them.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health confirmed the martyrdom of the young woman whose identity is still unknown until late on Sunday night when she was identified as 16-year-old Faten Afif Hajeeji from Qarawat Bani Zeid village in northern Ramallah.

Large forces of the Israeli police rushed to the scene and launched search and investigation operations there.

The Hebrew media circulated photos showing the young woman lying on the ground and bleeding to death without being provided any medical assistance.

Since the outbreak of the Jerusalem Intifada in early October in 2015, the Israeli forces have carried out dozens of field executions against Palestinians at the pretext of attempting to carry out anti-occupation attacks.

The number of the Palestinian martyrs since the start of the Jerusalem Intifada increased to 305 including 84 boys under eighteen and 28 females, 11 of whom were minors.