1.Stop Israeli Apartheid – Australia

SiA Australia will register our party shortly to run at elections and to put serious pressure on our government to cut its ties with apartheid Israel.
Apartheid ended with South Africa in 1994 – over 20 years ago – right? Wrong.
Apartheid is being practised today in a modern wealthy nation: Israel.
Israel denies Palestinians basic human rights, such as access to water, health and education. Palestinians are racially segregated from the rest of the population.
That is apartheid.
Stop Israeli Apartheid – SiA is a group of Australians joining the rest of the world to give vocal support to the oppressed people of Palestine.
We stand against the racist apartheid imposed on Palestinians, by Israel. And we support Palestinians who use peaceful, non-violent methods to resist Israel’s Occupation of their land.

We stand with Jews worldwide who oppose the apartheid practices of Israel.
Australian governments past and present have turned a blind eye to Israel’s apartheid and the suffering of Palestinians
Now is the time for Australia to step up and join the international movement which is calling for an end to Israel’s Occupation of Palestine, and for the beginning of real hope, justice and peace for the people of Palestine.
That’s why we founded Stop Israeli Apartheid, to contest the 2016 Senate election and to win a seat in Parliament so we can put real political pressure the Australian government to join other nations in calling for justice, hope and peace for Palestinians.

2.Palestine Action Group Sydney

Palestine Action Group is a Sydney-based activist organisation committed to supporting Palestine and opposing Israeli Apartheid.
Contact: 0408 369 182
Palestine Action Group is a Sydney-based activist organization committed to supporting Palestine and opposing Israeli Apartheid. We host forums and build protests to highlight the issue and to put pressure on those like the Australian Government who are complicit in Israeli’s ongoing genocide. We support the international Boycott, Divestment and Sanction (BDS) campaign, which demands an end to Israeli occupation, full and equal rights for Palestinians inside Israel, and the right of return for Palestinian refugees.