Three blind Palestinian youths started on Saturday a trip to walk the distance between the south and the north of the Gaza Strip on foot back and forth to send a message that Gazans do not know the impossible.
Three blind youths embark on walking all the distanceKhaled al-Najar, Bahjat al-Najar and Rasmi al-Najar, started their trip from the eastern Khan Younis village of Khuza’a, their hometown, and reached the central region of the Gaza Strip by noon. It is estimated that their trip would take several days.

“The trip aims at sending a message that the people of Gaza are invincible and ready to do whatever it takes,” Khaled al-Najar, 18, told Quds Press.

“We realize that there are at least 100 kilometers to walk in our trip, but we are determined to do it and we have stops and rests in each governorate,” he added while stressing that anything could be achieved if you have the resoluteness and determination to do it.

Khaled pointed out that they started from Khuza’a and are heading towards Erez crossing in northernmost Gaza and will then head backwards to Rafah crossing in southernmost Gaza before returning to Khuza’a.

Israel imposed a strangling siege on the Gaza Strip ten years ago in which all borders and outlets connecting Gaza with the outside world are closed with the exception of the entry of limited quantities of goods and passengers.