South African president Jacob Zuma has asked his citizens not travel to Israel in order to show solidarity with the Palestinian people, who suffer from occupation and oppression, according to Africa News website.

South African -president-urges-citizens-not-to-visit-Israel

At the 105th anniversary ceremony of the African National Congress in Soweto on Sunday, Zuma stated that “the people of Palestine continue to suffer in their rightful quest for self-determination.”

He expressed the party’s support for the December 2016 UN Security Council resolution against Israel’s settlement construction and called on the Palestinian people to unite and work on achieving their goals.

The president also vowed that Johannesburg would never cease its support for the Palestinian cause.

The government of South Africa has accused Israel several times of pursuing racist and apartheid policies towards the Palestinians.

It also sanctioned new rules to prevent its citizens who hold dual citizenship from joining the Israeli army and imposed restrictions on Israeli products entering the country.