The Islamic Jihad Movement-Palestine slammed the Palestinian Authority (PA) Preventive Forces for arresting nine Islamic Jihad leaders in the occupied West Bank.
PA’s abduction of 9 anti-occupation leaders scar on its faceIslamic Jihad spokesman Daud Shehab said in a Facebook statement that nine prominent anti-occupation activists affiliated with the group were kidnapped by the PA preventive forces from the occupied West Bank over the past few days.

He added that all arrestees were ex-prisoners.

“It is high time we rose up over such incessant aggressions against Palestinian ex-detainees,” said Shehab. “Where on earth have human rights advocates been?”

The Islamic Jihad leader spoke out against the security coordination between the Israeli occupation army and the PA, chaired by incumbent president Mahmoud Abbas.

“Stop such a scandal! This is a scar that will forever daunt your face! Stop chasing the world’s free people!” he urged.

At the same time, sources from the Islamic Jihad said ex-prisoner Nadhir Mohamed Nassar, 46, has been held captive by the PA preventive forces in Tulkarem for the 6th day running.

As of September 20, 2002, Nassar has been subjected to three abrupt abductions and held in Israeli occupation jails for at least seven years.

A number of ex-prisoners and activists affiliated with the Islamic Jihad have also been held in the PA lock-ups in Jenin.

Ex-prisoner Tawfiq al-Jarbou’, from the Jenin refugee camp, has been locked up in the Jericho jail for the 12th consecutive day, at the same time as ex-prisoner Mohamed Ibrahim Abu Mariya has been held in a PA custody in al-Khalil. The latter spent a total of four years in Israeli jails.

A couple of days earlier, ex-prisoner Ahmad Abu Zina was kidnapped by a PA preventive force from his own family home in Jenin.