A conference for the Palestinian community leaders in Latin America held in the Chilean capital, Santiago, decided to hold the first conference for Palestinians in Latin America next November.
Palestinians-in-Latin-America-to-hold-their-first-conferencThe conference, which started on Friday in the head office of the Palestinian social club, Palestino, and signaled the start of the Palestinian Week in Chile witnessed the participation of representatives of the Palestinian communities in  Chile, Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Guatemala.
Palestino’s president Maurice Khamis, who inaugurated the conference, said that the main goal of this independent Palestinian popular initiative is to unite the efforts of the Palestinians of Latin America and activate their role in serving the Palestinian cause.
A group of Palestinian Authority ambassadors in a number of Latin American countries as well as other members of the Palestinian National Council and some Palestinian notables in Europe took part in the opening ceremony along with representatives of Palestinian media outlets.
The opening ceremony included Palestinian Dabke dances performed by Palestinian youths from the second and third generations of the Palestinian community in Chile.
The Palestinian Return Center in Britain will be participating in the Palestinian week with four galleries about the Palestinian Nakba and the apartheid wall along with pictures from the Atlas of Palestine for the main Palestinian cities and other pictures chronicling the long history of the Palestinian cities before and after the British occupation.
The Palestinian conference about to be held in South America follows the steps of the Palestinians in Europe Conference which has turned into a main Palestinian grouping that gathers the Palestinians of Europe in an annual conference, according to observers.