Israeli soldiers stand guard during the demolition of a Palestinian house

Ministers in the Israeli government have made the approval of the five-step plan for Arabs in the Negev and the budget allocation for Palestinian-Arab communities in the south conditional on the intensification of Arab home demolitions and the forced evacuation of “unrecognised” villages.

The government also stipulated that it will confiscate such villages and use the land for settlements and the building of Jewish towns. It will also increase the taxes imposed on Arab-Israeli citizens.

The delay in government approval of the five-step plan to develop the Bedouin community comes despite recommendations to allocate budgets amounting to $784 million from the state budget. This received the support and backing of the Minister of Finance, Moshe Kahlon. However, some ministers insist on determining the mechanisms for demolishing Arab homes, unlicensed construction and the proposal of Judaisation and settlement projects.