A Palestinian girl waves the flag in front of a UNRWA building in Gaza

Israel announced yesterday that it had decided to cut $6 million from its annual contribution allocated to the UN in protest against the UN Security Council resolution that condemned Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories, reported.

Israeli news website Ynet News cited the Israeli mission at the UN saying that the $6 million was being used by the UN’s “anti-Israel bodies”, naming UNRWA among other UN agencies as allegedly being anti-Israel.

According to Israel’s diplomatic mission, Ynet News said, the cut in funding is the first in a series of steps under consideration by the Israeli foreign ministry and in reaction to the recent UN Security Council resolution.

The Israeli government is still worried that France and the US may take more international measures regarding the Palestinian-Israeli conflict before the end of outgoing US President Barack Obama’s term on 20 January.

Israeli officials said that Israel is preparing to change its thinking in the UN regarding the Palestinian-Israeli conflict during the incoming administration of US President-elect Donald Trump, though it was not clear what this change would entail.