Political bureau member of Hamas Moussa Abu Marzouk called for healing the national rift and combining forces in the face of the US-Israel conspiracies.
Abu-Marzouk-pushes-for-healing-rift-in-face-of-US-Israel-plotsSpeaking during the Palestinian National Reconciliation Conference staged in Moscow, Abu Marzouk called on the Palestinians to pool resources at such a critical stage swamping the Palestinian history and to exert every possible effort so as to turn the division chapter once and for all.

“We’ve become at the doorsteps of reconciliation, particularly following the Beirut meeting,” said Abu Marzouk in the presence of representatives of eight Palestinian factions at the Moscow conference.

“Let’s rise above trivial affairs and boost national consensus,” he stated, calling for a firm stance among the Palestinians against the US-Israel interventions, which he said “will never make reconciliation see the day.”

The two-day Moscow conference which kicked off Sunday was hosted by the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences to smooth reconciliation talks between Palestinian national factions in an attempt to overcome the strife and prop up consensus.

The meeting reportedly culminated in an agreement to form a new government line-up representing all Palestinian factions and involving technocrats.