“Sinéad O’Connor ” ,the popular Irish singer-songwriter who cancel her performance in Israel to show her solidarity with Palestinian.

"Sinéad O’Connor " ,the popular Irish singer-songwriter support Palestine

*Notable awards and honors:

1.Winner of MTV Video Music Award for Video of the Year and for Best Post-Modern Video-1990
2.Winner of Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Performance-1991
3.Winner of World Soundtrack Award for Best Original Song Written Directly for a Film-2012

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On Jul 24, 2014 -during imposed war on Gaza by Israeli troops -Sinead O’Connor step back of performing in Israel and tried her best to cancel the concert in a show of support for the cultural boycott pro-Palestinian activists.
“I was not informed by my booking agent, and was unaware myself, that a boycott of Israel had been requested by the Palestinian people,” the singer said in a now-deleted statement published on her website (Google cache version). “I agreed to .” she added.
It should be noted,this was not the first time O’Connor make such decision because in 1997, she backed out of the Sharing Jerusalem: Two Capitals For Two States concert.

"Sinéad O’Connor " ,the popular Irish singer-songwriter support Palestine


1.“I’ve been accused of somehow being a supporter of the Israeli authorities, which is nonsense – nothing could be further from the truth,”
2. “For the last 25 years whenever anything about Israel came on the news, I’d literally turn it off .”
3. “As far as I was concerned Israel did not exist.”
4.“It’s just a bad word to me, ‘Israel’.”

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