The struggle between Jerusalem-based Hatov ice cream and the BDS Movement in Britain has come to a close, with Hatov continuing to sell products labeled “Israeli product made in Jerusalem.”

Hatov produces its ice cream at the Atarot industrial zone in northeast Jerusalem. The packaging of their ice cream carries the label “Israeli product made in Jerusalem.”


In 2015, the European Union released labeling guidelines stipulating that Israeli products made in east Jerusalem and the West Bank be labeled as “Product of the West Bank (Israeli settlement),” as opposed to simply “Made in Israel.”

BDS activists (Photo:

As such, BDS activists in Britain approached supermarket chain Sainsbury’s, which sells Hatov ice cream, and asked them to label the item as “Product of the West Bank (Israeli settlement),” as opposed to “Israeli product made in Jerusalem.”


As a result, Hatov retained the services of UK-Israeli law firm Asserson. In response to BDS claims that “Atarot is on occupied Palestinian land and therefore the ice cream cannot be labeled as made in Israel,” Asserson replied, “It is unlikely that the customer reading the label will change their mind if they see the product is made in east Jerusalem. Most of the buyers are religious Jews who will continue to buy it.”


Local authorities agreed with the argument and will allow the ice cream to continue to be labeled as “Israeli product made in Jerusalem.”


  • Situation Observer

    Please update this article – Hatov LOST this case. And the reason is simple – East Jerusalem is internationally considered as occupied territory. Therefore, if in the European Union you sell something from East Jerusalem as a product of Israel, you breach EU labelling regulations. Hatov are no longer able to sell this product, thus labelled, in the UK. If you try to get Hatov ice cream from your local Sainsburys you won’t be able to. Search their website and you will see it’s not available.

    International law is meant to be respected.