The Palestinian Prisoner Center for Studies (PPCS) has accused the Israeli media of exaggerating their claims about the use of smuggled cellphones by Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails in order to justify the repressive measures taken against them.

PPCS says Israeli media hypes cellphone smuggling incidents in jails

In a recent press release, spokesman for the Center Riyadh al-Ashqar stated that different Israeli media outlets had actively reported news in recent times about the confiscation of cellphones from prisoners in jails and the resultant dismissal of some jail managers.

Ashqar expressed his belief that the media, at the behest of the Israeli intelligence, sought to inflate the occurrence of cellphone smuggling incidents in Israeli jails and portray the situation as a national security threat that must be fought in order to defend the punitive and suppressive measures taken against the Palestinian prisoners.

He scoffed at the information reported by Israel’s Channel 2 that the Palestinian factions in Gaza spend millions of shekels on attempts to sneak cellphones into Israeli jails every year in order to assist them in planning attacks against Israel.

According to the spokesman, a very few cellphone devices find their way into prisons and they are used by the prisoners to keep in touch with their families because the Israeli prison authority deprive them of contacting or seeing them regularly.

He stressed the need for stopping to deny the Palestinian prisoners their natural right to keep in touch with their families.