Join BIP Movement to Stop Terrorism in Palestine

How can we Cooperate with this movement?

Through out our Email You can ask us to grant you our representative in your City or Country to promote this international Movement. Join us to promote peace and Security:

Boycott Israeli Products Movement (#BIP)5
Boycott Israeli Products Movement (#BIP)5
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Imagine if Zionists decided on Argentina instead of Palestine (Fun fact: Argentina was actually considered by Zionists, along with Uganda.) and then expelled thousands of indigenous Argentinians when establishing the Jewish state, and then said “What the hell are you complaining about? There’s tons of other Spanish countries you can move to. Let Jews have this one country for ourselves so we can be safe.” And that’s how stupid Zionists sound when they say that Palestinians can/should just go to “any of the many Arab countries”, because Arab countries aren’t interchangeable any more than Spanish speaking Latin American countries are. Iraqis aren’t interchangeable with Jordanians just like Peruvians aren’t interchangeable with Chileans.