Palestinian residents in Khan Younis, south of Gaza Strip, commemorated on Thursday the 60th anniversary of 1956 Israeli massacre during which 3,000 people were killed in the city at the hands of the Israeli soldiers.

Khan Younis commemorates Israel’s 1956 massacre

The event was organized by Khan Younis municipality amid large participation of national figures and secondary school students.

Head of the documentation committee of the massacre Naji Batta said that the event came “to commemorate Palestinian martyrs to serve as a beacon for the next generations”.

The massacre did not receive a widespread attention, he pointed out, saying that its victims’ number exceeds the massacres of Deir Yassin and Kafr Kassem.

Representative of the victims’ families Mazen al-Agha said that the massacre continued for several days during the Tripartite Aggression on Egypt in 1956, leaving thousands of casualties.

Al-Agha stressed the urgent need to expose Israeli war crimes at all international forums.

Despite Israel’s horrific crimes, the Palestinian people remained adherent to their legitimate rights on their own land, he said.

The Khan Younis massacre took place on November 3, 1956 in the Palestinian town of Khan Younis and the nearby refugee camp in the southern Gaza Strip during the Suez Crisis.