“Kareem Abdul-Jabbar” the American Muslim former legendary basketball player who said “No” to Israel trip in respect to “Nakba day”(The day Israel formally occupied Palestine land in 15 May 1948).


*Notable awards and honors:

Some experts have called him the greatest basketball player of all time.Abdul-Jabbar is the NBA’s all-time leading scorer with 38,387 points and won a league-record six MVP awards.Some of Kareem’s notable honors includes:

1.First player in NBA history to play 20 seasons.
2.He remains the all-time leading scorer in the NBA, and is ranked 3rd all-time in both rebounds and blocks.
3.In 2007, ESPN voted him the greatest center of all time.
4.In 2008,ESPN named him the “greatest player in college basketball history” and in 2016, they named him the second best player in NBA history.
5.Six-time NBA champion (1971, 1980, 1982, 1985, 1987–88).


Abdul-Jabbar has also been an actor, a basketball coach, and a best-selling author. In 2012, he was selected to be a U.S. global cultural ambassador.

*How to Support:

In April 2011,Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was set to visit Israel ;However, a campaign called “End the Occupation” has asked him to cancel the trip, on the occasion of the anniversary of “Nakba Day.”In response Kareem canceled the trip to show his solidarity with Palestine which led the Zionists’ anger.


1.”At its core, discrimination is a result of fear.”
2.”Islam is a religion of peace.”