The Israeli district planning and building committee in Occupied Jerusalem intends on Wednesday to discuss procedures for approving and executing 20 Judaization and settlement projects in the holy city.
israeli-authorities-to-approve-20-projects-for-settlers-in-jlemAmong these projects is a major plan to build 770 housing units and dozens of commercial, tourist and public structures on Palestinian land annexed to Gilo settlement, which is located between Bethlehem and Jerusalem.

The committee will also discuss a plan to increase the housing units in Ramot settlement, north of Jerusalem, and to build a large synagogue in Jabal Mukaber area overlooking the Aqsa Mosque and the Old City of Jerusalem.

Another plan to build a five-story synagogue for Ramot Shlomo settlers in Shuafat town, north of Jerusalem, will also be tabled by the Israeli committee

In another context, the Israeli Knesset will convene on the same day to cast a first reading vote on the anti-Adhan bill.

The anti-Adhan bill could be voted for in its first reading, but it needs to pass its second and third reading later as well before it turns into a law.