Heliza Helmi, the Malaysian popular actor,singer and entrepreneur.


Heliza Helmi is one of the well known supporters of Palestine cause. Her facebooks’ profile picture with the logo of Palestinian resistance movements shows her strong and obvious ideology.

heliza-helmi-the-malaysian-popular-actor-supports-palestine“The war in Gaza was not just a test for Palestinians but also for Muslims in Malaysia. “We do not know how long we will have peace in Malaysia and we do not know how our ends will be.

Heliza Helmi support Palestine.

“Those in Gaza, God-willing their end meant they went to heaven. But for us, we do not know,” she said during her attendance in a rally for supporting Gaza on August 2, 2014.

heliza-helmi-the-malaysian-popular-actor-supports-palestineHeliza Helmi support Palestine.
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