The Hamas Movement has strongly denounced Bahraini businessmen for hosting an Israeli delegation it called a “group of Zionist fanatics” and partying with them in Manama.

Hamas slams Bahrain ,hosting Israeli delegation,

In a press release on Monday, the Movement expressed its shock and dismay over seeing a group of businessmen and dignitaries from the State of Bahrain having fun and dancing with a Zionist delegation of extremist and racist Jewish figures,” describing the scene as “humiliating and disgraceful.”

The Movement added that “this shameful incident has happened while there is growing momentum for the international solidarity with the Palestinian cause and the international boycott of Israel.”

Hamas also saw what happened as “provocative to the feelings of the Palestinian people and harmful to the reputation of Bahrain.”

It called on Bahrain and all other Arab and Islamic countries to work on ending all forms of relations with Israel, stressing that “the Palestinian people are exposed to daily crimes by Israel in full view of the whole world.”

A delegation of Jewish American Businessmen, notorious for supporting extremist settler groups and settlement activities in Palestine, visited Bahrain a few days ago in order to strike trade deals.

A video circulated recently on the internet have showed Bahraini businessmen and dignitaries partying with members of the delegations.

The Jewish delegation’s itinerary also includes Oman and Dubai