Armed resistance will forever remain the spearhead of the Palestinian national liberation struggle, Hamas vowed Tuesday.

Hamas, Israeli occupation has no future in Palestine,In a statement issued to mark the 8th anniversary of the Furqan War, Hamas said: “The Israeli occupation has no future on the Palestinian land. . . . The Palestinian resistance has imposed a new equation of deterrence on the ground.”

Hamas added that its resistance battalions will remain on guard to any projected Israeli offensive on the Palestinian people.

Commenting on the prisoners’ cause, the group said: “Releasing our detainees remains a sacred goal. Never ever shall we have a moment’s rest until they are all unshackled from Israeli jails.”

“Israel abruptly struck the blockaded Gaza Strip (on the first day of the Furqan War) with over 60 fighter jets in an offensive that targeted police stations, resistance sites, and civilian homes. . . . But the Palestinian resistance quickly got the message and overwhelmed Israel with thousands of rockets in response,” it noted.

“The entire nation rallied round the Palestinian resistance at the time,” Hamas said, citing the slain Tunisian engineer Mohamed al-Zouari as an instance of non-Palestinian nationals who stood by the resistance brigades.

Hamas hailed those who were killed by the Israeli occupation in the Furqan War and the assassinated drone engineer Mohamed al-Zouari