The Oslo Accords perpetuated the discrimination in allocation of water between Israel and the Palestinians.

Discriminatory water supply

They allotted 80% of the water pumped from the mountain aquifer – one of three underground water reserves shared by Israel and the Palestinians – to Israel and only 20% to the Palestinians. They Accords further established there would be no cap to the supply of water to Israelis, whereas the water supply to Palestinians would be limited to predetermined amounts, namely approximately 118 million cubic meters (mcm) from drilling points active prior to the signing of the Accords and another 70-80 mcm or so from new ones.
Due to the inequitable distribution, Palestinians must make do with less water than Israelis. The World Health Organization and USAID both recommend 100 liters of water per person/per day. This amount includes is not only for domestic use but includes supply to hospitals, schools, businesses, and other public institutions. Palestinian average daily consumption of water is more than 20% lower than the recommended amount.