Salama Maarouf, general manager of the governmental media office in Gaza, called in a press conference held on Sunday evening for removing Israel’s membership from the International Federation of Journalists.
600 Israeli press violations since the beginning of 2016
Maarouf pointed out that Israel carried out more than 600 press violations since the beginning of 2016 in total violation to international laws and norms.
The reported 600 press violations include the killing of 53 Palestinian journalists and the arrest of 137 others, 24 of them are still held behind Israeli bars.
Maarouf hailed the heroic sacrifices made by the Palestinian journalists for exposing Israel’s ugly face.
He has announced a day of solidarity with Palestinian journalists, coinciding on December 31st, and to include various activities in support.
He noted that the activities would continue for ten days, with cooperation from several institutions.
He added that the activities will began with the football league and with the cooperation of several institutions, including the Ministry of Sports and Amwaj Media. The football league designated a Palestinian journalist day championship for December 21st and 22nd.
The Palestinian government in Gaza has adopted the date of December 31st, each year, for honoring the Palestinian journalists, in gratitude of their sacrifices.