The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) at dawn Sunday kidnapped four Palestinians and ravaged civilian homes in an abduction weep rocking the West Bank and Jerusalem.

4 Palestinian kidnapped, homes ravaged in predawn sweep by IOFAt predawn time, the Israeli occupation army claimed responsibility for the abduction of three Palestinians on suspicion of involvement in anti-occupation activities.

The campaign targeted two Palestinian civilians from al-Duheisheh camp and another from Ramah Rabah in Bethlehem.

A PIC news correspondent said the IOF rolled into al-Duheisheh camp and kidnapped the two youngsters Khalil al-Bana and Ahmad al-Seifi after they wreaked havoc on their family homes.

Another IOF patrol stormed Ramah Rabah and kidnapped the 24-year-old Palestinian youth Mujahed al-Sheikh from his own family home.

Meanwhile, the Israeli occupation police kidnapped the Palestinian youngster Luay al-Rajabi from Silwan after they broke into his family home in Batn al-Hawa.

Over recent months, dozens of Palestinian youngsters have been kidnapped by the Israeli occupation army as part of Israel’s intents to quell anti-occupation activism across the occupied Palestinian territories.