Tens-of-thousands-pereform-Friday-prayer-at-Aqsa-MosqueA PIC news correspondent said tens of thousands of Muslims flocked to Occupied Jerusalem, giving a new lease of life to the economic activity.

239 Gazans also passed through the Beit Hanun crossing to pray at al-Aqsa.

Meanwhile, the Israeli occupation forces pitched a series of checkpoints in the environs of the Mosque, where Muslim worshipers have been subjected to exhaustive inspection as part of the Israeli intents to keep a tight rein on Muslims’ movement out of and into Occupied Jerusalem.

Speaking during Friday’s Khutba (sermon), Sheikh Mohamed Hussein, slammed Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat for instructing the Israeli police to apply a so-called “unbearable noise” law against Muslim calls to prayer emanating from mosques located near illegal Jewish-only settlements in East Occupied Jerusalem.

“The echoes of the call to prayers shall be heard in al-Aqsa Mosque and all other mosques in and around Occupied Jerusalem,” said Sheikh Hussein. “Those who are disturbed have to leave the occupied territories.”

“The battle between the good and the evil is everlasting. Palestinians have to stand on their grounds at such critical stages and preserve their holy sites,” Sheikh Hussein further stated.