plo-report-israeli-govt-escalate-settlement-constructionThe PLO National Bureau to Defend Land and Confront Settlement Construction warned in a new report issued Saturday that the Israeli right-wing government would exploit Donald Trump’s election as US President to escalate settlement construction.

The report pointed out that Israeli municipality in occupied Jerusalem is feverishly working to change the status quo in the occupied city through a number of new settlement projects.

Meir Turgeman, the head of the Israeli Municipality Planning and Construction Committee, had earlier declared intention to authorize the construction of 7,100 new housing units in occupied Jerusalem.

Some 3,000 units are ready for approval in Gilo, 2,600 in Givat Hamatos and 1,500 in Givat Shlomo.

The international community has vehemently opposed Israeli construction in areas Israel occupied in 1967, saying it undermines the prospects of a two-state solution