Israeli police spokesperson, Luba al-Samri said in a statement that ultra-Orthodox Jews were attempting to visit the site — holy to both Muslims and Jews — while it was closed on Saturday, during Shabbat.

The statement added that the Israelis rioted on the Hebron road outside of Rachel’s Tomb after Israeli police and border officers dispersed them, while trying “from time to time” to block the road. Al-Samri also reported that Israeli police received a complaint from a Palestinian driver from Jerusalem whose vehicle was attacked with stones by the ultra-Orthodox Israelis, which smashed the driver’s windshield.

Two suspects were arrested by Israeli police during the incident. The area around Rachel’s Tomb, where the al-Azza and Aida refugee camps are located, as well as an Israeli military base, was the site of near daily clashes for several months between Israeli soldiers and Palestinians when a wave of unrest erupted across the Palestinian territory and Israel last year, which has since left scores of Palestinians dead.