Moroccan-Commission-Presence-of-Israelis-in-COP22-crime-whitewashThe Moroccan Commission to Support the Nation’s Causes slammed the Kingdom of Morocco for accepting to host Israeli delegates in the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 22), dubbing the move a whitewash of Israeli crimes against the Palestinians.

Speaking with the PIC, member of the commission’s central bureau, Mohamed Al-Idrissi, said: “We firmly reject that the Israeli flag be raised in the Moroccan territory, particularly in Marrakesh, the land of the heroic sit-inners and supporters of the Palestinian cause—the nation’s deepest wound.”

According to Al-Idrissi, the move presents a barefaced provocation to millions of Moroccan nationals who have had sympathy for the Palestinian land and holy sites and expressed their unyielding support for the Palestinians in their anti-occupation struggle.

 killed children, women, and elderly civilians, ruined Gaza, and turned the occupied territories into an open-air prison.”

Al-Idirisi vowed that the Moroccan Commission will not remain mum over Israelis’ projected stopover in Morocco, saying: “We will not allow those who destroyed the neighborhood and gate of Al-Maghareba to desecrate the holy land of Morocco.”