“Masha vladimir Alalykina” the Russian well-known actress and ex-singer and ex-model who converted to Islam in 2007 and cares of Palestine cause after then.

*Notable awards and honors:
As an ex-member of a Russian pop girl group named “Fabrika”,Masha gained some awards  includes:

1) 2004—Stopudovy Hit (Russian: Стопудовый хит)
2) 2004—Zolotoi Grammofon (Golden Gramophone )
3) 2005—Zolotoi Grammofon
4) 2005—Glamour: Pop Group the Year
5) 2010—Starlook: Most Stylish Group in Showbusiness
6) 2014—Zolotoi Grammofon[1]

*How to Support:

Surprisingly,Masha Alalykina -who was on the rise in music,cinema, and modeling- has changed her fate by converting to Islam in 2007 and leaved aside her artistic activities for her fresh beliefs.[2]

From then, she has shown her heart belongs to Islamic issues as Palestine and has shared various posts in favor of Palestine cause and against Zionism despite all censorship and removal applying on her by Zionists.[3]

Her converting to Islam was a fire storm in Russian and abroad medias which led her to be boycotted hardly in medias and on the internet.Even Wikipedia deleted the information about her and there is very few data about Masha on the internet.

Masha’s story started when she prayed for a first time, as she said, for the recovery of her friend to come out of coma. The next day her friend came out of the coma and called her and claimed that when she was in Coma,Masha helped her a lot.That was the reason Masha decided to convert to Islam.[4]
Now Masha is a professor of linguistics in Russian universities and also a blogger in promotion of Islam.[5]

1.”Why has the international community remained silent against Israel?”[6]
2.”It is very important to boycott Israel”[7]
3.”I chose Hijab to reach God.” [8]