Israeli-soldier-lightly-wounded-in-Tulkarem-anti-occupation-shootingAn Israeli soldier was injured on Thursday evening in an anti-occupation shooting attack targeting an Israeli army patrol near Tulkarem province.

According to the Israeli 0404 news site, the Israeli soldier sustained light wounds after he was hit with shrapnel in an anti-occupation shooting attack near Tulkarem, in the northern occupied West Bank.

Israeli army troops showed up at the scene and evacuated the soldier, before they raked through the area.

The attack targeted soldiers deployed on Road 104, near Tulkarem.

Earlier on the same day, Palestinian resistance fighters opened fire on an Israeli army troops near the illegal settlement of Ofra, built on Palestinian lands in northeastern Ramallah province.

The occupation army chased down the anti-occupation fighters and showered their car with randomly-shot spates of bullet fire.

23-year-old Maan Nasser Al-Deen Abu Karaa, from northwestern Ramallah, was also fatally shot by the occupation soldiers near Ofra settlement on allegations of an anti-occupation stabbing attempt.

Palestinian anti-occupation youths carried out over 100 shooting attacks against Israeli targets since early October last year in response to Israeli terrorism against the Palestinian people and Islamic holy sites.