111-5Hebrew-language news site Walla quoted PA officials in Hebron as saying that Palestinian security services “passed precise information” to Israel about an explosive device placed near an Israeli army military post in Hebron.

The Jerusalem Post added that the Palestinian source identified the alleged attacker as a resident of the northern West Bank city of Qalqiliya, leading to his detention before he could carry out the attack.

An Israeli army spokesperson confirmed to Ma’an that an improvised explosive device was found next to an army post in Hebron on Friday evening and was neutralized by Israeli police forces.However, they were not aware of how the information regarding the IED was obtained.

Meanwhile, spokespersons for neither the Israeli police nor Palestinian security forces could be reached for comment on the matter on Sunday.

The Palestinian Authority has regularly come under fire by Palestinian political factions for its security coordination with Israeli authorities, which has allegedly included passing along intelligence regarding attacks against Israeli targets, and adopting a “revolving door policy” funneling Palestinians from PA jails into Israeli prisons.

The Palestinian Authority and the Palestine Liberation Organization have repeatedly threatened to put an end to security coordination with Israel over the years, without putting such threats into effect.

In April, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas pledged in an interview with Israel’s Channel 2 to arrest Palestinians planning attacks targeting Israel, stating in an interview with German newspaper Der Spiegel that same month that “our security cooperation with Israel is functioning well.

”The Israeli army’s central command said that the Palestinian security forces were responsible for approximately 40 percent of all arrests of “suspected terrorists,” Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported in May.Numerous Palestinian groups have repeatedly accused the PA of aligning with Israel’s goals in the occupied West Bank, and of preventing a sustained uprising against Israel.