111-recovered-recovered-9The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) re-arrested on Wednesday a Palestinian ex-prisoner only a week after his release from Israeli jails, Palestinian rights sources reported.

The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) affirmed that the ex-prisoner c, 21, was re-arrested only a week after his release.

Family sources told a PIC reporter that Israeli forces stormed at dawn today al-Najar’s house in al-Khalil before his arrest.

Al-Najar, a student in Polytechnic University, was released last Wednesday after spending 12 months behind Israeli bars.

The family affirmed that their son was re-arrested under Israeli flimsy pretexts aiming to break his high spirits.

There are currently 7,000 Palestinians in Israeli jails, including 750 administrative detainees held illegally without charge or trial.

Administrative detention is the imprisonment of Palestinians without charge or trial and on the basis of secret evidence for up to six months periods, indefinitely renewable by Israeli military courts.

Palestinian detainees have continuously resorted to open-ended hunger strikes as a way to protest their illegal administrative detention and to demand an end to this policy which violates the international law