ex-prisoner1600-sick-palestinians-in-israeili-lock-ups, said: “1,600 detainees have been suffering debilitating illnesses, 120 among whom in critical conditions as they have been diagnosed with cancer, diabetes, hypertension, and cardio-vascular disorders, among other life-threatening diseases.

According to the ex-prisoner, the number of detainees who died in Israeli jails has hit 208 Palestinians after prisoner Yasser Hamdouna breathed his last on September 25 due to medical neglect in Israeli detention.

“Breaking news on deaths, crackdowns, hunger strikes, health deterioration have been a daily occurrence in Israeli jails,” said Al-Abassi.

Speaking on behalf of the detainees, Al-Abassi urged the humanitarian institutions and human rights organizations to make serious steps so as to save the sick detainees in Israeli prisons.

“Any detainee who is transferred to an Israeli hospital to undergo a surgery is usually returned to jail in two days via the Bosta (a prison vehicle allocated for transfer of prisoners). A person with a normal health condition cannot endure trips onboard the Bosta, let alone a sick detainee who has just undergone a surgery,” Al-Abassi further stated