AGPS-24-palestinian-refugees-killed-in-syrian-warfarein-octoberAGPS said ten Palestinians were killed by shelling while eight refugees were shot dead by gunfire. Another refugee was tortured to death in Syrian regime lock-ups. Two Palestinians were, meanwhile, gunned down by snipers in ongoing hostilities.

The blockade and lack of medical care took away the life of one refugee. Another Palestinian was killed after he was kidnapped. A refugee died of unknown reasons.

As for the geographical distribution of the casualties, Damascus Reef (countryside) topped the list with 13 victims, followed by four in Aleppo, two in Damascus, two in Deraa, one refugee in Beirut, and two others in unknown areas.

The number of Palestinian refugees killed since the outburst of Syrian warfare has gone up to 3,381 refugees, according to AGPS data set.