According to the Israeli 0404 news site, five Palestinians were kidnapped by the IOF from Bethlehem and Al-Khalil.

The occupation troops further kidnapped two Palestinians from Ramallah’s town of Silwad and Bethlehem’s town of Tekoua.

The campaign also targeted three Palestinians from Al-Khalil, including a Hamas affiliate.

Earlier, a PIC news correspondent said six Israeli army jeeps rolled into Jenin’s southern town of Qabatiya at 2 a.m. and kidnapped the Palestinian citizen Suleiman Kheizimiyeh and seized his private car. Citizen Nasser Subhi Dhazaz’a was also kidnapped in the assault.

The Palestinian anti-occupation protesters responded to the assault by hurling stones on the occupation troops.

The IOF further cordoned off residential neighborhoods in the nearby Al-Zababda and Mesaliya towns and pitched random checkpoints on the main accessroads to the area, where Palestinian vehicles and civilians have been subjected to exhaustive inspection.