Thousands-of-Jordanians-Protest -Gas-Deal-With-Israel

Thousands of Jordanians organized a protest in the Jordanian capital Amman after the Friday prayer, to protest the gas deal signed by the Jordanian government and Israel, according to which Israel should provide Jordan with natural gas.

Syndicates and unions called for the protest in which protesters chanted and raised banners that read, “We are against the gas deal with the Zionist entity,” and “Jordanians should not pay for Zionist gas.”

MP Saleh Alarmoty, who participated in the protest said, “All Jordanians are against this deal and condemn it because it violates the Jordanian Constitution and pacts. This deal violates the public and private rights of Jordanians.”

Alarmoty added that the Jordanian parliament should approve any deal and this deal “is a crime and serves the Zionist project and terrorism.”