Tens-of-thousands-perform-Friday-prayers-at-al-Aqsa  According to Quds Press, tens of thousands of Palestinians from the West Bank and within the Green Line managed to travel to occupied Jerusalem after crossing several military checkpoints early in the morning to pray at Al-Aqsa.
Israeli police forces have earlier deployed in large numbers throughout the occupied city and near al-Aqsa’s gates.
Hundreds of young men were stopped and searched at the entrances to the Mosque, while an unidentified man was arrested while on his way to perform Friday prayer at the holy shrine.
During the Friday sermon, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Mohammed Hussein, considered the Israeli courts’ decision to allow settlers’ prayers at the gates of al-Aqsa Mosque as a flagrant of Muslims’ rights.
He called on Palestinian people to intensify their presence at the Mosque and to confront Israeli settlers’ Judaization plans.