Report-40-Israeli-violations-against-Palestinian-journalists-over-Sept  The report pointed out that Israeli violations have notably increased against journalists in occupied territories to reach 40 violations during September.
The committee stressed the urgent need for an immediate intervention to stop Israeli serious and escalated violations against media freedoms.
Although three Palestinian journalists were released during September including the former hunger striker Malik al-Qadi, 25 journalists are still arbitrary held in Israeli jails.
The documented Israeli violations against journalists include arrests, extension of detention, direct assaults in the field, prevention from media coverage, prevention from travel, confiscation of equipment, and threats on social media.
Over September, two journalists were arrested while 11 others’ detention was extended for different period of time. Three more journalists’ trials were postponed while nine journalists were summoned for investigation during the reported period.
Meanwhile, two journalists were subjected to severe beating and torture during their detention at the hands of Israeli forces.
The report pointed out that more than ten media institutions’ Facebook pages were removed while seven journalists’ Facebook accounts were closed during September