Palestinians-Remember-1956-Israeli-Massacre-in-Kafr-QasimHundreds of Palestinian people commemorated the massacre of Kafr Qassim villagers in a rally inside occupied lands by Israeli regime.

Dozens of Palestinians demonstrated on Saturday to commemorate the 60th anniversary of a bloody massacre in the village of Kafr Qasim in 1956 when Israeli forces killed tens of Palestinians including women and children.

On 29 October 1956, Israeli forces raided the village, and slain 49 Palestinians, many of whom were children and women.

“On that day, Israeli authorities issued a curfew on several villages in the Triangle area including Kafr Qasim,” mayor Adel Bdir told Turkish Anadolu Agency.

Fearing of a possible conflict with Jordan, the Israeli army decided to move up the start time of a curfew in the village without warning local residents in advance.

“Around 400 local residents were outside for their work, unaware that the village was put under the curfew hours earlier,” Adel Bdir said.

“Some 49 Palestinians were killed in cold blood that night by the Israeli forces,” he recalled.

Marking the anniversary, local residents on Saturday took part in a march from the cemetery to the village’s main square. The marchers held banners with names of the victims amid calls for the Israeli regime to take responsibility for the massacre