Palestinian-prisoners-in-Gilboa-launch-hunger-strike-after-Israeli-raidAccording to a statement from the Palestinian Committee for Prisoners’ Affairs, IPS forces armed with guns and batons searched the majority of the cells in the section, “causing tensions” among the prisoners.The raid also included the solitary confinement cell of prisoner Muhammad Arman.A spokesperson for IPS could not immediately be reached for comment.

IPS authorities have regularly used raids, confiscation of personal belongings, and forcible prison transfers to suppress resistance among Palestinian prisoners, most notably this summer when a large-scale solidarity movement formed in support of a number of high-profile, hunger-striking prisoners denouncing being held in administrative detention.IPS officials also routinely place Palestinian hunger strikers into solitary confinement in an effort to exert pressure on the detainees to end their strikes.
According to prisoners’ rights group Addameer, Gilboa is a high-security prison, and is described as the most intensely secured of its kind where Israeali authorities incarcerate Palestinian prisoners.
The group said that as of August, some 7,000 Palestinian prisoners were being held in Israeli prisons and detention centers.