” The festival will include diverse artistic performances.
The Palestinian-American comedian Mohammed Amer, Al Fursan Dabka group, American singer Ismail al-Qadi in addition to “Fatafeat” Palestinian band for children, will be performing on the 12th Annual Palestine Day.
A number of pro-Palestine figures, journalists, activists, and U.K-based artists will be honored at the festival.
The celebration will also include a market for Palestinian products, popular dishes, art galleries, paintings and games for kids. Head of the Forum, Dr. Hafedh al-Karmi, said the Forum’s objectives include strengthening the linkage of the young generation of Palestinians in the UK to their motherland by raising awareness of and organizing activities on various matters pertaining to the Palestinian issue.
It also aims at developing mutual relations between the Palestinian community, Arab and Islamic organizations, and the British society, giving the Palestinian issue international scope and support.
The Palestinian Forum in Britain is an independent institution serving the Palestinian community in Britain and promoting the Palestinian cause