PA-security-persists-in-its-violations-against-journalustsAccording to Omamah news website, the PA intelligence agency in al-Khalil detained Mohamed Abu Juhaisha, a journalist working for al-Huriya media network, before releasing him later during the same day.

For its part, the PA preventive security apparatus in al-Khalil extended the detention of journalist Nidal al-Natsha for another 48 hours.

According to informed sources, Natsha is accused of criticizing the PA and its president Mahmoud Abbas.

In Qalqiliya, the preventive security ordered journalist Qais Abu Samra, who works as a reporter for Anadolu agency, to go to its headquarters in the city for interrogation on Tuesday.

However, Abu Samra said he would not comply with the summons.

In Nablus, the PA magistrate court on Monday postponed the trial of journalist Tareq Abu Zaid, from al-Aqsa satellite channel, until next December. He is accused of making derogatory remarks against the PA.

In a related context, the preventive security arrested Qutaiba Azem, an activist in prisoners’ affairs from Sebastia town in Nablus, after raiding his workplace.

The same security apparatus had tried last Thursday to arrest Azem, who was an ex-detainee in Israeli and West Bank jails.

The PA security apparatuses in Tulkarem and al-Khalil also summoned on the same day Musab Abd Rabo and Hisham al-Sharbati, both ex-detainees in Israeli jails.

In Jenin, a PA court extended the detention of Sheikh Hani Abu Sara, who has been held by the preventive security for over 25 days.

The lawyer of Sheikh Abu Sara told his family that the prisoner would go on hunger strike in the coming days if he was not released.