PA-security-kidnaps-two-citizens-in-W. Bank In Jenin, preventive security forces kidnapped Mahmoud Ateiq, a student at an-Najah University, after he was summoned for interrogation, according to Omamah news website. The same security apparatus kidnapped ex-detainee Abdullah Ghuneimat after raiding his grocery store in Surif town.
He is one of the municipal election candidates. In another incident, political prisoner Muaad Jum’ah was exposed recently to physical torture during his interrogation by PA officers, according to information leaked from the jail of the PA intelligence apparatus in Ramallah. The PA intelligence and preventive security apparatuses in al-Khalil also refuse to release two university students, who have been in custody for about four days.
The detainees are Hamza Jihad and Samer al-Duweik. Another young man called Ahmed Ta’amrah has been in a PA jail in Bethlehem, with no guilt, since May 29, 2016.