PA-Court-of-Justice-rules-for-holding-elections-in-West-Bank-only  The High Court stated in its ruling that elections will be held in all councils of the homeland except for Gaza.
Municipal elections were supposed to take place in both the West Bank and Gaza Strip on October 8, but the High Court suspended them on September 10, citing the exclusion of Occupied Jerusalem from the electoral process and concerns about courts in the Gaza Strip as pretexts for the move.
An overwhelming majority of Palestinians opposed the Palestinian Authority High Court’s decision to suspend the municipal election, according to an Arab World for Research and Development (AWRAD) poll sampling 1,200 persons from the West Bank and Gaza in September.
The poll found that 68 percent of Palestinians, 66% of West Bank and 72% of Gaza Palestinians said they oppose the High Court’s decision.
Hamas expressed its disappointment over the court’s decision to exclude Gaza from local elections.
Deputy Head of Hamas Political Bureau, Mousa Abu Marzouk, said on Twitter that the court rule makes part of underway attempts, by the PA, to politicize the judiciary and deepen the national rift.”
“Such a biased division of our motherland is just unacceptable,” said Abu Marzouk. Hamas representative at the Elections Committee in the West Bank, Fayez Warda, said: “The Court of First Instance is the only party entitled to decide on whether to suspend elections.
That the High Court meddled in the rule is a proof of its inherently politicized nature.”
Experts in the Palestinian home affairs said the court rule is a trap set up by the PA, chaired by Mahmoud Abbas, to ensnare Hamas.
Knowing that the latter would oppose such a monolithic and biased decision, which ruled out Gazans from the electoral process, the PA will exploit such a Hamas standpoint as a pretext to cancel elections, after claiming that Hamas is standing as a stumbling block on the road to democracy and national concord.