Musallam-to-Abbas-Look-for-a-cave-among-Israeli-thieves-to-live-in  In Facebook remarks on Saturday, Father Musallam started his message to Abbas with the famous popular adage saying that “everything is a debt or a loan, even eye tears.”
“Did Sharon attend the funeral of Abu Ammar and lamented him, Mr. President, in order for you to pay the debt with crocodile tears over Peres? Did the bells of Churches ring and were the sounds of the holy Qur’an recited from minarets in grief in order to convey your love to the house of the deceased Zionist who killed your people, occupied your land and sucked the blood of your martyrs? He rhetorically questioned.
“Today, as a result of your actions, Israel has really occupied the entire Palestine.
Today, your national project collapsed along with the Palestinian Authority and all its institutions,” the Palestinian clergy said.
“Today, you have been expelled from the free people’s hearts, so go look for a cave among Israel’s thieves to live in.”