On that note, the last six months were particularly interesting. We were recently ‘accused’ by the spokesperson by the Israeli Embassy in London of being the second most popular website among supporters of a certain Palestinian resistance faction, were derided by the Jerusalem Post, and were also subject to hundreds of hackers’ attacks, which forced us to change servers and heighten our security.

Amidst all this, the Palestine Chronicle prevailed. In fact, we are stronger than ever before, not only in our determination to carry through for as long as it takes to shed light on the suffering of the Palestinians, but our readership has escalated dramatically.

In fact, we have been a staple on Google’s first page searches using keywords such as ‘Palestine’, among others.

With our dedicated team of four editors, and many writers, covering every day of the week, the Palestine Chronicle is a flagship of independent Palestinian media – unwavering, refusing to be bought, or intimidated and as ever, thought-provoking and innovative.

A few months ago, Palestine Chronicle English was joined by its sister publication Chronique de Palestine – a daily content provider that translates the news and views on Palestine into English and Arabic on Palestine, while also producing own original content.  Together, we are charting a clear course for independent, alternative, courageous media to follow.