In a controversial move, the leading Palestinian newspaper, Al-Quds, has conducted a long interview with the Israeli right-wing Yisrael Beitenu member  and minister of Army, Avigdor Lieberman,  raising sharp criticism within the Palestinian people who called the interview an act of normalizing occupation.

In the interview, Lieberman said that Israel is ready to lift the seige on Gaza, under the condition that the Hamas rule in Gaza ditches its military program. He also threatened that if there would be a war on Gaza, it will be the last because it’s going to be collateral.

According to UNRWA figures, the last Israeli war on Gaza had killed at least 2,000 Palestinians, 500 of them children, and left 11,000 wounded. On the Israeli side, 70 soldiers (three of them settlers) were killed.

Lieberman in the interview had also used all the wars in Yemen. Lybia, Syria, and Iraq to say that Israel is “the only democracy in the Middle East” and said that its intentions have been misunderstood.

As for the negotiations with the Palestinian Authority, Lieberman said that he supports the two-state solution, but not giving up occupied land in exchange with peace.

An illegal settler himself, he said that Israel will keep the big settlements, but instead he believes in exchanging residents from areas that Israel “does not need” and mentioned Umm Al-Fahem town (near Akka) as an example. However, he said that the big settlement blocs, such as Ma’aleh Adummin, Givat Ze’ev, Gush Etzion, which are illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank.