Israeli-Demolishes-166-Palestinian-Structures-in-2016 According to Ir Amim, demolitions by Israeli authorities include 112 residential units. The total number of demolitions in 2015 was 74.

Ir Amim commented that “the pronounced acceleration of demolitions parallels the mounting wave of state-sponsored, settler-advanced evictions of Palestinians in the Old City and Historic Basin.”

More than 100 Palestinian families are “at risk of eviction” thanks to a “systematic campaign” by settler group, Ateret Cohanim, aimed at “seiz[ing] the entire neighborhood.”

Yesterday, the Jerusalem municipality demolished seven residential units in occupied East Jerusalem; four in Silwan, and three in Beit Hanina.

More than 40 Palestinians were displaced, half of them children.The NGO added that “the combination of mounting demolitions and evictions…reveal Israeli steps to consolidate control of this key point of contention between Israel and Palestine, pre-empting negotiations and further thwarting the viability of the two-state solution.”