IOf-arrest-father-son-after-severely-raiding-their-home-in-Silwad 30 years old, after raiding their home in Silwad town east of Ramallah, central West Bank.

The family said that special units from the Israeli army broke into the house after exploding its doors, then detained them in one room while female soldiers searched the women.

Meanwhile, Israeli soldiers raided the home and damaged belongins, ripping garments, breaking kitchenware, and damaging children’s toys.

Before breaking into the home, IOF were searching cars in the neighbourhood, and confiscated Abdul-Hadi’s vehicle which he uses for his work distributing gas tanks.

According to locals, Amin Hamed is an ex-prisoner who spent years in Israeli jails, and suffers chronic illnesses. His other son, Akram, is in jail with a 17-year sentence.

IOF as well released five Palestinians in Silwad whom they arrested after setting flying checkpoints in the town.