Former-Latin-Patriarch-of-Jerusalem-Palestinians-Want-Abbas-to-LeaveManuel Musallam, the former Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, has voiced harsh criticism of Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas over the latter’s attendance of the funeral of the former Israeli president, Shimon Peres.

Palestinian president Yasser Arafat and shed tears over him so that you do the same and shed crocodile tears over Shimon Peres?Were bells rung at churches or was Quran recited at Mosques to express sadness so that you could convey these feelings of sadness to the house of Zionism, to the killer of your people,

the occupier of your land and those who shed the blood of your people?”

Musallam continued, “Today, you were kicked out of the hearts of free people and you should seek a new place in the hearts of thieves.”

He concluded his message to Abbas by saying, “We know well that we will be in danger if we resist you, because you are the heart of power of the devil, and our life could be humiliated or even put at risk, but we will turn all our pain into courage and say it to you: People want the departure of the president.”